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    4. 人才招聘
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      The company's employment philosophy is: moral priority, job matching, due diligence, teamwork.

      Moral first: take moral first and ability second as the appointment standard. "Virtue is not talent, virtue is available, virtue is talent, it should be reused, talent is not virtue, talent is difficult to use."

      Position matching: each position has its own professional requirements. Only when the right person is placed in the right position can he be a talent and give full play to his role.

      Job matching: have a high sense of responsibility for work, be a person - honest; work - conscientious, dedicated, innovative, and pursue excellence.

      Teamwork: a drop of water is small, and the sea will be magnificent; a grain of soil is slight, and only when mountains are accumulated can a magnificent spectacle be achieved. The strength of an individual is weak, but he depends on an excellent team to succeed as the team grows.


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