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      Kunshan Besson Precision Electronics Co., Ltd.

      Based on the field of precision development and manufacturing, Kunshan Beisong Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. vertically integrates precision manufacturing technologies such as stamping, electroplating, molding, automatic assembly, electronic die-cutting parts, mold design and manufacturing, and serves the precision parts manufacturing industries such as mobile phones, laptops, electronic communications, automobiles and low-voltage electric appliances.

      The company takes the customer demand as the guide, the development technology of precision mold and metallurgical tool as the core, the goal of pursuing zero defect of products, the support of component manufacturing management, and the development of new technology and new business across different industries to continuously create value for customer demand.

      With excellent product quality and good reputation, Besson has developed into a stable supplier and an important strategic partner of many world-famous enterprises.


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